Hybrid Crypto Derivatives Exchange DevOps Site Reliability Engineer




  • It's an innovative hybrid exchange that merges the best of CeFi and DeFi, emphasising safety, simplicity, and scalability in crypto trading.
  • Its unique approach to decentralisation, combined with its commitment to regulatory compliance and customer protection, has made it a trusted destination for both institutional and retail investors.


  • Act as a technically proficient, hands-on developer with a strong command of at least one programming language (Golang preferred, but not mandatory).
  • Architect and maintain a state-of-the-art, ultra-low latency distributed cryptocurrency exchange that's scalable.
  • Play a pivotal role in both the development and operational excellence of our critical exchange platform.
  • Implement and learn the latest low latency software and middleware techniques to enhance platform performance.
  • Drive significant improvements in our SDLC and automation frameworks.
  • Cloud and Container Orchestration: Deploy and manage cloud-native and containerized environments, ensuring peak performance and reliability.
  • Security and Cloud Optimization: Evaluate and implement the most effective cloud solutions and security practices.
  • Collaborative Tooling: Utilize CI/CD tools to build, deploy, and monitor software deployments efficiently.


  • A hands-on developer with a strong command of at least one programming language, with Golang being preferred.
  • Skilled in managing and optimizing low latency, distributed systems.
  • Experienced with performance optimization in distributed environments.
  • Proficient in cloud technologies and containerization, including AWS, Kubernetes, Nomad, and CI/CD tools.
  • A candidate with a data-driven, positive, and growth-oriented mindset who is eager to learn, grow, mentor, and make a substantial impact.
  • Strong interpersonal and project management skills are essential for this role.


  • Familiarity with the Adaptive Aeron Product suite.
  • Advanced proficiency in Golang.


emiliachen@polygonsearch.com / Line ID: emchh/ Telegram: @polygon_emchh